Linux High Performance Computing, HPC & Clusters Portal en-us is officially dormant is officially dormant after 10+ years. It was fun, meet a lot of cool people over the years. If you're interested in purchasing, taking control of the site[s] or the domains,,, and let me know. My voice number is 336-736-7376. OpenCL Compiler Tools by If you are doing OpenCL development on Linux, has a nice suite of Open Source OpenCL compiler tools to help simplify development and deployment. siFlash Extreme Performance Flash Storage System Introduced by Scalable Informatics Flexible high performance/ low latency storage becomes simple and cost-effective with siFlash SSD- and PCIE-based flash storage system from Scalable Informatics. New Dell cluster activated at Purdue Purdue’s fourth new research cluster in four years is built on Dell nodes running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5, and handling jobs ranging from examining the spread of contaminants on airliners to studying the spread of warmer temperatures on the Earth. Design a logo for SCALE 10X, win a trip to Los Angeles Celebrating its 10th year running, the SCALE conference in Los Angeles has announced a contest to design this year's conference artwork. The winner will receive a trip to SCALE and free pass to the event. SCALE is a community/volunteer run Linux and Open Source conference in Los Angeles, CA . AMAX Demos High Performance Storage Cluster Solution at Financial Services Technology Expo AMAX announced today it will be demoing the new AMAX StorMax-X2 high performance iSCSI storage cluster solution at SIFMA Financial Services Technology Expo in New York. The StorMax-X2 empowers companies such as high frequency financial traders to execute millions of orders a second and scan dozens of public and private marketplaces simultaneously, enabling them to spot trends before other investors can blink and changing orders and strategies within milliseconds. AMAX Introduces HPC Solutions Optimized for NVIDIA Tesla M2090 the next-generation of AMAX ClusterMax SuperG cluster solutions, ServMax HPC building blocks, and ServMax server platforms are fully optimized for the latest NVIDIA?Tesla?M2090 GPU computing module. Eyescale announces the release of Equalizer 1.0 and Collage 0.3. Equalizer is the standard framework to create and deploy parallel, scalable OpenGL applications. Collage is the cluster backend for Equalizer and a standalone, cross-platform C++ library for building heterogenous, distributed applications. Both development toolkits are available for free for commercial and non-commercial use under the LGPL open source license. AMAX Launches Next-Generation HPC Solutions AMAX today announced the next-generation AMAX ServMax H Class 4-way and 8-way HPC server solutions are fully optimized for the latest Intel Xeon E7 family processors. The H Class server solutions includes extreme core counts and large memory support, providing unprecedented performance and breakthrough power-efficiency across a variety of HPC deployments, including financial, oil and gas, biomedical, research, and government. One Stop Systems Introduces Fusion Powered ioMillennia Appliance at HPC-NYC New ioMillennia Appliance delivers the performance of thousands of disk drives in a single appliance. Connects to any server through multiple PCIe slots and provides up tens of TBs of Fusion ioMemory to hosts.