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Tue February 18, 2003
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Mojolin's Affiliate Program

Do you run a linux or UNIX community website?
If so, you'll want to read on. You'll definitely be interested in this program.

Mojolin's Background
Since its launch in September of 2000, Mojolin has steadily become the number one online resource for both job seekers and employers in the Linux, Unix and embedded communities. Used by such companies as IBM, RedHat, Apple and Industrial Light and Magic, as well as by countless other companies, Mojolin has proven itself to be a valuable resource. We are committed to providing the best job service available by staying focused, small, easy to use, fast and functional.

How it Works
Currently, Mojolin is still absolutely free and therefore, no money changes hands. Until we starting charging for our services, all percentages are to be considered a percentage of $0.00 (IE, 25% of $0.00 equals $0.00). Having stated that, we do not believe it will be very long before we start charging for our services.

Once we start charging for service, we believe Mojolin has a very generous program. When an employer registers through your site (, your site is forever listed as that company's sponsoring affiliate in the registration database. You will then receive a full 25% commission on any service that employer purchases, whether through your site, another affiliate, or Mojolin itself. I don't think you'll find a more generous affiliate program anywhere.

Our Goals
Our primary goal is to provide a worthwhile service at a reasonable rate for those companies hiring us Linux and UNIX folks. We want them to keep coming back. We have not yet set the rates for the different services we offer. There will be open discussion on our mailing list ( which you as an affiliate will be a member of) before the final rates are set. Your happiness as an affiliate is also extremely important to us.

Your Tools
As the decision maker for an affiliate, you will be invited to join our mailing list. This list will have other decision makers from other Linux and Unix websites; I feel this will be a very valuable tool, above and beyond just the affiliate program, for everyone. Each job site will have access to their own log files, a color admin page and statistics on number of registrants and amount of commission.

The Advantages

  • Another great service you can provide your audience.
  • Very generous commision.
  • Substantial revenue potential.
  • True to your site's design.
  • Mojolin is never mentioned, except in the About page.
  • A true community job site.
  • Site would always remain free for job seekers and reasonably priced for employers.
  • Very streamlined, easy to use and functional.
  • High ranking in search engines for UNIX, Linux and Embedded jobs and Resumes.

    Interested? Send an email to [ affiliate program ]. Be sure to include the url to your website.

    A current list of our affiliates:
    Linux StepByStep
    Linux Box Security
    UK Linux Jobs
    Linux High Performance Computing
    Canadian Linux Users Exchange
    Hong Kong Linux Players Group

    Other Mojolin Sites:
    Charlestons Job Site