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Currently, there are 173 jobs (0 today) and 1347 resumes (4 today) live on the system.
Tue February 18, 2003
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LinuxHPC Jobs
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Welcome to LinuxHPC Jobs

LinuxHPC Jobs is a international job site and resume database for the linux, unix and embedded communities. There is absolutely no charge for employers to post jobs or to search and review resumes. Likewise, there is no charge for job seekers to upload resumes or search for jobs.

Some of our services:

  • Weekly posting of job openings to Usenet newsgroups for wider exposure.
  • Company Directory. A listing of companies with current job postings.
  • Nightly email agents of latest job and resume postings.
  • Mailing Lists. Announce your availability, or get your questions answered by experts in the field on this email based forum.
  • Syndication via xml of our latest job listings. Put our jobs on your site.
  • The best search engines of any job site.
  • Fast, friendly, customer service. Send an email to our webmaster if you have any trouble.
  • Responsive to the community's needs. Many of the services available today are the direct result of user suggestions. Make your wishes known by sending an email to our webmaster.