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One Stop Systems Introduces Fusion Powered ioMillennia Appliance at HPC-NYC
ESCONDIDO, Calif. – April 4, 2011 – One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), a leader in PCIe over cable expansion and computing solutions is introducing and demonstrating its new Fusion powered ioMilliennia Appliance at the HPC Linux Financial Markets Show and Conference in New York City this month. The new appliance features ioDrives from Fusion-io to bring to market high performance enterprise-grade appliances that support multiple solid-state ioMemory modules from Fusion-io in an ultra high density chassis. This allows for industry leading storage capacity at speeds higher than any disk array on the market. The appliances scale from 640GB to 10.2TB in a 1U chassis and up to 20.4TB of non-volatile ioMemory capacity in a 2U footprint. The 1U and 2U chassis connect easily to any server’s PCI Express (PCIe) slot, appearing to the server as an integral part. “Fusion-io’s solid-state ioDrives are the ideal component for high end, optimized PCIe expansion technology,” said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. “OSS was first to develop high-performance PCIe over cable expansion products. The newly introduced Gen 2 x16 ioMilliennia expansion chassis seamlessly delivers the bandwidth required for fast data transfers to the ioMemory modules. This is perfect for HPC applications, especially when coupled with high-end GPUs.” “The new ioMillennia Appliance from OSS allows enterprises to provide servers access to their most critical data through a flexible, powerful solution,” said Jim Dawson, Fusion-io Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “As decentralizing data can help accelerate enterprise databases and applications, Fusion-io is pleased that our ioDrives are being integrated into the OSS ioMillennia Appliance as the storage memory solution that customers can count on to provide their enterprises access to data at speeds that can help give them an advantage over their competitors.” ioMillennia Demo: A unique advantage of the Appliance is that Fusion ioDrives can be mixed with GPUs or other high-bandwidth boards to provide added functionality and capacity to a system. The 1U ioMillennia Appliance demonstration at the HPC Show couples Fusion ioDrives with ATI FirePro GPUs. Other high-end GPUs such as those offered by Nvidia operate equally well in the OSS Appliance. The live demonstration shows data transfer speeds between the host server, in this case an OSS 1U server and the ioDrives through Iozone. The Iozone shows data transfers per second, exceeding 1.1GB when an 320 GB ioDrive is integrated into the tested appliance. 1U and 2U PCIe expansion chassis: The 1U and 2U ioMillennia Appliances, architected and sold by One Stop Systems, connect to the PCIe bus in the host server. This allows data packets to stream between the two appliances without the aid of additional software conversions and related latency and throughput overhead. This streamlined architecture makes transfers to the ioMemory up to 1K times faster than data transfers to disk drives, which typically hover around 300MB/s. The ioMillennia Appliance includes a PCIe adapter card that inserts into the host server’s PCIe x16 slot. The cable adapters are completely transparent to the server with all boards recognized by the server as its own devices. Customers can order the appliances integrated with a combination of Fusion ioDrives or a combination of Fusion ioDrives and GPUs. The 1U Appliance with four ioDrive Duo SLC 320 GB boards (PN: OSS-PCIe-1U-SSD-SLC-1.2TB-4) lists for $71,299. All products and various configurations are available immediately. About One Stop Systems: One Stop Systems (OSS) pioneered PCIe over cable products and has been first to market with many of the PCIe cable adapters, expansion kits, and expansions systems available today. With an extensive engineering resource experienced and trained in PCIe design, manufacture, and test, OSS also customizes our products to make them fit our customers’ precise requirements. Custom and semi-custom products have long been OSS’ core capability, with over 500 custom and semi-custom products designed for OEM customers who continue to purchase these products over time. OSS has a proven record of producing the highest quality products through superior engineering, ISO9001-2008 quality-driven production, and responsive pre- and post-sales. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) 438-2724 and visit our web site at

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