Powerful Eight Processor Cluster Provides SAIC with Highly Effective Solution
Tuesday April 02 2002 @ 08:30AM EST

Irvine,CA - The largest cluster is not always the most effective cluster. Most scientists looking for a Beowulf Supercomputers are often looking to receive the most processors available for a particular budget. They are consistently amazed at the computing power available at such a low price. However, most researchers are even more amazed by the performance results achieved. Steve Carson, Chief Scientist @ Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), needed a computing solution to him extract information bits from signal processing data. PSSC Labs recently supplied him with a powerful eight processor Beowulf Supercomputer.

Consisting of just four dual Athlon processor compute nodes, the tiny cluster provide Mr. Carson with highly effective results. "In our limited testing so far we were able to get 11.3M bytes/s across the 100BaseT Ethernet on a multicast using MPI (12.5 Mbytes/s theoretically possible)," explains SAIC's Chief Scientist. PSSC Labs is pleasantly surprised to hear these near perfect results. Jason Smith, PSSC Labs Cluster Technician, believes the reason for such good results are due in part to effectively written code working in conjunction with the message passing interface. The cluster will be used as a truly parallel machine. According to Mr. Carson, "Each processor will be looking at the same data, but trying to extract a different code."

PSSC Labs was selected after SAIC conducted a thorough search of suppliers. PSSC Labs won the order because they "delivered the system pre-configured, and were very cost competitive," explains Mr. Carson. PSSC Labs is always excited to supply high performance computing solutions to new markets and new customers. Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs Vice President, sees Beowulf Supercomputers bursting into commercial markets once companies understand the processing power available at extremely competitive prices. Mr. Lesser states "Beowulf Supercomputers are one of the fastest growing markets in the HPC arena and PSSC Labs continues to add new customers to it's expanding client list. We are excited to be a part of this community."

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