SCO: Heidelberg Scientists Build One of the World’s Fastest Parallel PC Clusters
Wednesday April 03 2002 @ 06:05PM EST

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing of the University of Heidelberg (IWR, has just finished the installation of a parallel high-speed PC cluster ( with an excellent, yet unknown price/performance ratio. This parallel high-performance computer (named HELICS), which has been acquired together with the computing centers of the University of Mannheim (RUM) and the University of Heidelberg (URZ), is set up with standard components (so-called ‘Commodity off the Shelf’ components).

HELICS consists of 512 AMD Athlon MP PC processors; two of them are placed into one computing node. These processors have frequencies of 1.4 GHz and reach a theoretical peak performance of 2.4 billion floating point operations per second (Gflops) for each processor.

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