SEQUENOM Uses Linux NetworX Cluster to Provides Online Supercomputing Power to Genetic Research
Tuesday May 07 2002 @ 11:13AM EDT

SALT LAKE CITY, May 7, 2002 - Linux NetworX announced today that the first genomics ASP (application service provider) is powered by a Linux NetworX cluster supercomputer to provide users with online genetic research access. SEQUENOM, Inc. (Nasdaq: SQNM), a discovery genetics company, is providing the ASP, known as, to include its database of millions of gene sequences to offer the most comprehensive online genomics research tool available today.

With the click of a mouse, researchers from small and large organizations that otherwise would not have access to gene sequences and supercomputing technology, can access SEQUENOM's online database,, to search for genetic codes and to design and test their own genetic sequences. In the past, researchers in academic and commercial organizations were often restricted in the amount of research they could conduct because of the large cost associated with sophisticated computers and licensing fees for genomic databases. With the combined efforts of SEQUENOM and Linux NetworX, the computing power and genomics data are available online, providing researchers with affordable and convenient access to necessary research tools.

"Genetic information that was previously expensive or time consuming to generate is now readily available for researchers for a variety of uses including detecting the medical impact of genes and genetic variations," said Rick Lapp, computational biologist for SEQUENOM. "With the cluster from Linux NetworX, we are able to provide our customers with quick access to genomics information and supercomputing power to further enhance research endeavors in the life sciences."

Cluster technology is a method of linking multiple computers, or computer nodes, together to form a powerful, unified system. Linux NetworX clusters can match the performance of traditional supercomputers for a fraction of the cost. The design of clusters also create a very reliable platform for ASP and ISP (internet service providers) models

A major factor contributing to SEQUENOM's decision to use a Linux cluster was their need for a computing system that could function as a web server, database provider and number cruncher all in one machine. With the use of a Linux NetworX cluster, SEQUENOM is able to provide all the functions the online database needs to produce fast and accurate genomic information. SEQUENOM was also attracted to the expertise Linux NetworX demonstrated in its products and services.

"In today's bioinformatics industry, access to accurate and validated information is vital, but not every research organization has the need for an in-house cluster system," said Clark Roundy, vice president of marketing for Linux NetworX. "An ASP model using Linux cluster technology literally brings supercomputing power to the masses."

About Linux NetworX Linux NetworX ( brings its powerful and easy-to-manage cluster technology to those demanding high performance and high availability systems. Linux NetworX provides solutions for organizations involved in oil and gas exploration, aeronautical and chemical modeling, biotechnology research, graphics rendering and visual effects, Web serving, ISPs, ASPs, and other technological research fields. Through its innovative Evolocity hardware, ICE(TM) cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux NetworX provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers.

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