NEC ESS chooses Scali platform for auto industry simulations
Wednesday June 05 2002 @ 11:28PM EDT

NEC European Supercomputer Systems (ESS) has selected Scali's ClusterEdge product as the infrastructure in its clustered computers for simulation of crash-worthiness of car designs. The LS-DYNA finite element application from Livermore Software Technology ( is used for the simulation. Recently, a 128 CPU system was delivered to one of the major players in the car industry.

Scali ClusterEdge(tm) is a complete solution for building clusters from standard high volume components. ClusterEdge contains Scali's superior performance MPI-implementation (ScaMPI), interconnect hardware from Dolphin ICS, and Scali's Universe XE cluster management system. Scali Universe XE is the most comprehensive and integrated cluster management system available. It contains remote monitoring, configurable alarms, job control, software configuration management, and power and console management in a single system environment.

"Joining forces with NEC ESS will strengthen our presence in the auto industry, and promote clustering solutions in an industry sector that has previously relied on vector supercomputers", said Morten Strøm, International Sales Manager for Scali. According to Wolfgang Bez of NEC ESS, "the price/performance and total cost of ownership of Scali's solution is a breakthrough for cluster based supercomputing. Together with Scali's systematic support and service we are certain that we have the solution for the future".

About NEC Corporation
NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) is a leading provider of Internet solutions, dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its customers in the key computer, network and electron device fields through its three market-focused in-house companies: NEC Solutions, NEC Networks and NEC Electron Devices. NEC Corporation, with its in-house companies, employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and saw net sales of 5,409 billion Yen (approx. US$43 billion) in fiscal year 2000-2001. For further information, visit the NEC home page at: NEC European Supercomputer Systems (ESS) distributes NEC's SX-series supercomputers and high performance computing solutions in Europe and provides wide-ranging support and system maintenance. NEC supercomputers are used for simulation tasks in industry and research worldwide. NEC ESS has been on the European market since 1991 and has more than 50 employees. There are offices in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Lugano, Stuttgart and Milan. (

About Scali
Scali is a leading supplier of clustering software technology to both end users and OEMs. Scali solutions are based on commodity server technology, Dolphin SCI high performance interconnect and Scali software. The Scali Software Platform offers the highest performance MPI implementation available for clusters and the industry´s most comprehensive cluster management system - Scali Universe. Scali's web site contains details about the company and its products for high performance superclusters.

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