SCE 1.5 Release Announcement
Monday July 01 2002 @ 02:46PM EDT

Parallel Research Group, Kasetsart University prouds to announce the public release of a new version of SCE, SCE 1.5, a truly integrated scalable computing environment. SCE is distributed free of charge and includes source code. SCE development is supported in part by AMD Far East, Inc. , Kasetsart University, and COMPAQ.

SCE 1.5 is available in two forms:

- Full distribution that can be used to build a new diskless cluster
- Software package that can run on NAPCI Rocks clusters and RedHat 7.2/7.3 based cluster.

New features in SCE 1.5:

Fast and automatic installation for diskless cluster
Support cluster built by NPACI Rocks 2.2.1 (diskfull cluster)
New AMATA technology, provides basic HA support out of the box
Increased stability
Built-in automatic dependencies check
The new config generation tool for building basic configuration files
oved performance and many bugs fix
tin computing portal that link to batch scheduler (SQMS)

SCE Features

Powerful system management and monitoring tools
Parallel unix command
System health monitoring
Web and X window interface
Powerful user-level cluster middleware
Global process space
Fast process creation
Global signal and event service
Rich set of APIs for developers
Simple batch scheduling
System statistics logging

SCE is available from

Bugs report is can be sent to Questions or comments can be directed to

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