Inquirer: The 64-bit saga POWER4 vs Itanium2
Thursday July 04 2002 @ 02:02PM EDT

Part I: The aftermath of Alphacide, one year on

THIS TIME ALMOST EXACTLY a year ago, a crime took place. Alpha, the fastest and most elegant general-purpose processor architecture to date, and the first pure 64-bit microprocessor, was brutally murdered by its owner - at the height of its performance leadership, which she kept stubbornly despite its funding being gradually strangled by "PC-centric, industry-standard" [Ed: Lousy Dell-wannabe?] Compaq over the last few years. Yes, the only problem Alpha ever had, but bad enough to be fatal, was its owner company.

All the diabolical spin Compaq spewed about questionable technical sustainability was proven wrong not just by discovering what marvels the EV-8 and EV-9 Alpha chips would have brought, but also by the events that followed soon after.

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