PR: Promicro Systems Announces High Density, High Performance Servers Based on Intel Xeon
Friday July 19 2002 @ 08:57PM EDT

POWAY, Calif. - July 18, 2002 - Promicro Systems announced a line of high performance, high density servers based on the newly announced dual Intel Xeon processor based server building blocks from Intel. The Intel Server Board SE7500WV2 and the Intel Server Board SE7500CW2 offer high speed, reliability and centralized management in a compact form factor. Using Intel's proven board technology as a foundation, Promicro's new family of servers provides a unique value proposition for clustering and high performance computing (HPC) applications, including e-business, streaming media, geophysics, post-production and bioinformatics.

Promicro's 1U server chassis will be offered in two configurations: the entry-level dual Intel Xeon processor based server (Intel Server Board SE7500CW2); or the high performance version (Intel Server Board SE7500WV2), which also includes Intel Server Management version 5.1. Both are built around the Intel E7500 chipset and provide new levels of I/O with PCI-X support and double data rate (DDR) memory. Processor speeds for the servers will top 2GHz, while 512-KB cache and hyper-threading contribute to overall performance.

"Based on the SE7500WV2 board, our high performance server is ideal for compute-intensive applications and features Intel Server Management (ISM) for simple installation and configuration, high availability, and remote health monitoring," said Jeff Haynes, president of Promicro Systems. "ISM adds significant value, providing customers with cost-effective, centralized server management. The SE7500CW2 server board allows us to offer a value driven entry-level server to the small and medium-sized business segment."

"We are gratified that Promicro Systems has chosen Intel building blocks for its new high performance server products," said Philip Brace, marketing director of Intel's Enterprise Platform & Services Division. "Our goal is to provide companies such as Promicro with a breadth of server building block products that allow them to focus on their added value in terms of unique designs, complete servers solutions and differentiated services."

Promicro Systems' new family of servers will be available beginning in the third quarter of 2002. For more information, call (888) PROMICRO or visit

About Promicro Systems

Promicro Systems is a leading provider of custom hardware, software and service solutions for the Internet, OEM and high performance computing markets. The company specializes in server and full cluster solutions based on innovative technology, high performance and unparalleled reliability. In addition, Promicro's custom system integration services ensure that every client benefits from a solution that is expertly tailored for their business. The company's diverse line of products includes servers, full cluster solutions, NetPC, workstations, and KVM solutions focusing on the Linux and Windows® markets. Promicro Systems holds Intel® Premier Provider status and recently won the Premier Provider Award for Greatest Intel Server Sales and Growth. For more information about Promicro Systems, please visit the company's web site at

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