L&M: Linux in the enterprise
Wednesday July 31 2002 @ 07:30AM EDT

I.D.E.A.L. Technology Corporation is a Linux focused technology services company, so for us to tell our customers that Linux is a good choice for their technology needs seems obvious. What has changed and continues to change are the perceptions of larger companies and market analysts.

To illustrate these changes, I have searched for market information and corporate strategy documents that outline where we are today and give some idea where we are headed. At first glance I can tell you that plans to deploy Linux and other Open Source software are evident everywhere. Independent software vendors, especially those writing software for niches like computer aided design, law offices and medical practices, are porting their applications from Windows and commercial Unix to Linux to take advantage of customer interest. As myths and excuses in the hearts and minds of decision makers are snuffed out by Open Source advocates , we are entering the fastest growing and most exciting part of the Linux adoption curve. Welcome to the golden age of Linux!

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