PR: Linux NetworX Announces LinuxBIOS Availability for its Evolocity Cluster Systems
Thursday September 26 2002 @ 11:35PM EDT

Linux NetworX announces the availability of LinuxBIOS and LinuxBIOS Utilities for use on its Evolocity(TM) line of cluster systems. LinuxBIOS is an Open Source BIOS alternative that provides remote BIOS management capabilities and decreases the boot time for the entire cluster. Linux NetworX has been selected to build the two most powerful Linux clusters in the world for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). LinuxBIOS and the LinuxBIOS Utilities comprise a key component on both systems.

The LinuxBIOS project ( is an Open Source project that originated at the Advanced Computing Laboratory at LANL.

"In cooperation with Los Alamos and others, Linux NetworX has played a pioneering role in the development of LinuxBIOS," said Ron Minnich, team leader for cluster research at Los Alamos' Advanced Computing Laboratory. "LinuxBIOS technology enables a low overhead, highly scalable cluster control system designed to operate with thousands of nodes."

In conjunction with the LinuxBIOS Utilities, LinuxBIOS comprises a highly manageable BIOS platform. LinuxBIOS typically cuts the boot time of servers by more than half, compared to proprietary BIOSes.

The LinuxBIOS Utilities, independently developed by Linux NetworX, help configure and manage LinuxBIOS across a cluster system. LinuxBIOS and the LinuxBIOS Utilities are available on Linux NetworX systems for a limited set of AMD and Intel platforms.

Features of LinuxBIOS

Extremely fast boot time Accessible from the OS Remotely accessible via network or serial Open Source Provides comprehensive debugging information Linux NetworX management utilities

Features of LinuxBIOS Utilities

View BIOS settings remotely Save BIOS setting to a file Make changes to BIOS settings Error checking of BIOS options to prevent bad options being saved Flash the EPROM remotely while the machine is running and change BIOS settings Provides a failsafe copy with default settings For more information visit:

About Linux NetworX

Linux NetworX ( brings its powerful cluster solutions and empowering management tools to those demanding high performance and high availability systems. Linux NetworX provides solutions for organizations involved in oil and gas exploration, aeronautical and chemical modeling, biotechnology research, graphics rendering and visual effects, Web serving, ISPs, ASPs, and other technological research fields. Through its innovative Evolocity hardware, ICE cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux NetworX provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers.

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