Datamation: Linux Clusters Perfect Fit For Clothing Retailer
Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Tuesday November 05 2002 @ 11:38AM EST) [ ]
Sometimes you just hit a dead end. It can happen when you are out driving, and also in the rapidly changing world of IT.

Clothing retailer Burlington Coat Factory, for example, used Sequent NUMA-Q (Non-Uniform Memory Access) servers for its Oracle database. IBM bought Sequent Computer Systems and decided not to develop new NUMA-Q products.

"The capability of the Sequent systems compares favorably with other servers," says CIO Mike Prince, "but it's a dead end for us in terms of being able to upgrade or support new software."

So, when it came time to migrate, Burlington's data center moved to Linux clusters on low-end Intel boxes, significantly reducing costs in the process. PolyServe Matrix Server is used to manage the cluster's file system.

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