TeraText Ports Database to HP Linux-on-Itanium Servers
Monday December 09 2002 @ 05:13PM EST

Palo Alto, California, USA 9 December 2002--HP and TeraText Solutions, a division of Science Applications International Corporation, today announced that the TeraText Database System has been ported to Itanium-based HP servers running Linux. The first Linux port of the specialized database brings HP closer to achieving applications critical mass on its Itanium-inside server lineup.

"Based on customer demand for managing very large text databases and our alliance with HP, we feel that our first Linux port should be to a platform that is both optimized for high performance and is cost effective," said Marty Gupta, general manager, TeraText Solutions. "This port provides affordable solutions for enterprise customers using very large text databases with document-centric applications that scale from small to very large collections."

TeraText DBS is a combination high-performance text database and search engine that provides the capabilities to store, index, retrieve, and deliver documents and XML-based records across an organization. The product simultaneously can collect and make information available to the enterprise in real time while scaling to support thousands of concurrent users.

"The planned introduction of TeraText DBS on HP Itanium-based servers running Linux points to new possibilities in providing cost-effective, high-bandwidth solutions for multi-terabyte document collections," said Laura Larson, strategic opportunity manager, HP Federal Division. "HP servers improve price and performance in enterprise Linux and Windows environments and provide government customers with a cost-effective entry into a technology with good growth potential."

The HP Itanium-based servers that run Linux are the HP rx2600 and rx5670. Itanium and Linux support will be extended to the HP Superdome enterprise server in 2003.

(c) 2002 by Terry C. Shannon, Shannon Knows HPC

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