PR: Veloxa and Celoxica Announce Collaboration for High-Performance Computing Solutions
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Celoxica Ltd. and Veloxa High-Performance Computing Solutions, a division of EBIZ Enterprises Incorporated (EBIZ)(OTCBB:EBPR), today announced their collaboration in the development of reconfigurable high performance computing solutions. Veloxa, a developer of products for the rapidly emerging Linux-based high performance computing (HPC) market, has adopted the Celoxica DK Design Suite and will use it to directly implement complex C-based algorithms in reprogrammable logic allowing Veloxa to offer high-performance, application-specific Network-Attached Compute (NAC) Systems to their customers.

The reprogrammable nature of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices permits different logic to be downloaded for different applications or different algorithms. Veloxa has developed the V-PL suite of FPGA tools to manage the FPGA resources at an enterprise level. Veloxa’s NAC products combine the Celoxica development tools with FPGA devices and V-PL software as a complete enterprise-level development environment and computing resource.

"Veloxa is designing and delivering innovative products that improve the cost and performance of Linux clusters," said Ron Pollvogt, Veloxa Director of Product Development. "Celoxica’s Handel-C technology provides the tool to make FPGAs practical in HPC applications. It gives Veloxa and its customers the capability to rapidly create computing solutions that combine high-speed performance with reprogrammable flexibility."

"Celoxica is pleased to be able to contribute to the development of new and exciting applications in high-performance computing with Veloxa," said Jeff Jussel, VP of Marketing for Celoxica. "The direct compilation of software algorithms into reprogrammable hardware provides new paths for the acceleration of a wide variety of compute-intensive challenges."

The Celoxica DK Design Suite makes it possible to program the Network-Attached Compute Systems directly from C software algorithms, bypassing the normally engineering-intensive hardware design phase and reducing overall development costs. The Celoxica tool is a system design environment providing features for HW/SW co-design and partitioning, system model co-verification, and direct C-to-hardware compilation to reprogrammable devices. Applied to high-performance computing applications, the DK Design Suite further reduces the costs of accelerators by employing reprogrammable logic devices to enable the use of general purpose cards for multiple compute-intensive algorithms.

Veloxa will initially apply this flexible acceleration technology to speed up high-performance computing solutions for the oil and gas exploration industry. The technology can also be used by a wide variety of applications including graphics rendering, biotechnology research and other HPC algorithms.

Veloxa products are marketed by the Veloxa sales team and through the network of HPC partners who join the Veloxa Partners Program. For more information visit or e-mail

About EBIZ Enterprises Incorporated

EBIZ Enterprises Incorporated ( is a national provider of products and services for the business computer market. EBIZ manufactures Terian and Veloxa computing platforms that provide the latest open architecture hardware for applications in the built-to-order, specialized server and high performance computing markets.

EBIZ is an Intel Premier Provider. Intel Premier Providers are recognized by Intel as preferred providers of Intel technology-based solutions. Premier providers are validated by Intel through training, industry certifications and demonstrated customer implementations.

EBIZ is located at 13715 Murphy Road Suite D, Stafford, Texas 77477 and may be reached by phone at 800/876-8649 or via e-mail at

About Celoxica

An innovator in system-level electronic design automation (EDA), Celoxica is the technology leader for Software-Compiled System Design, a process that accelerates design productivity by using high-level languages to directly drive design verification and implementation. Celoxica provides tools and services that support the co-design, verification and implementation of hardware and software through a platform-based design methodology. By providing a proven route to hardware design using software techniques, the Celoxica solutions redefine hardware and software partitioning to uniquely enable the use of reprogrammable logic devices in the development of electronics and reconfigurable systems. For more information, visit


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