ComputerWorld: HP Sets the Stage for Alpha's Last Hurrah
Tuesday January 14 2003 @ 01:10PM EST

Hewlett-Packard Co. is gearing up for the Jan. 21 launch of a long-awaited line of AlphaServers that promises to deliver substantial price/performance gains over existing technology.

But HP's previously announced plans to eventually standardize all of its servers on Intel Itanium processors may temper some of the enthusiasm the announcement would otherwise have generated, analysts said.

HP gained the Alpha technology through its purchase of Compaq Computer Corp. last year. AlphaServers run the OpenVMS and Tru64 Unix operating systems and were scheduled to be phased out of production even before HP's merger with Compaq. The company's AlphaServer business is deep in the red and is expected to lose about $200 million this fiscal year alone.

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