Streamline Computing Release 64-bit Parallel Debugger
Sunday February 23 2003 @ 02:38PM EST

2003-02-21 Warwick, UK - Streamline Computing Release 64-bit Parallel Debugger

UK clustering specialist Streamline Computing announces the simultaneous release of DDT, the Distributed Debugging Tool, for 64-bit AMD Opteron, Intel Itanium-2 and Sunfire systems.

After releasing DDT for 32-bit systems in Q4-2002, Streamline received unprecedented demand for 64-bit support. The debugger is the first parallel debugger for the new Intel and AMD chips. Futhermore, in expanding from the Linux platform to provide a Solaris debugger, Streamline are delighted to be offering a much requested alternative to this branch of the High Performance Computing (HPC) community.

The debugger supports MPI and also hybrid OpenMP+MPI and pthread+MPI codes. The user interface is modern and intuitive, allowing control of a complete cluster with the click of a mouse. It has syntax highlighted source code browsing and fast and clear data inspection for Fortran (F77/F90/F95), C and C++.

For further information or to obtain an evaluation copy contact, or visit

About Streamline Computing

Streamline Computing was founded in 2000 by computer scientists from the universities of Oxford and Warwick in response to a demand for professional high-performance clusters and expertise in the UK. With backgrounds in parallel and high performance computing, Streamline's experts have unrivalled insight into the hardware and software needed to maximise the capabilities of high performance cluster and grid computing

Since 2000, Streamline have installed some of the largest clusters in Europe and are developing software tools to simplify cluster programming and use. In Q4-2002 DDT, a new parallel debugger, was released and demonstrated at SC-2002 in Baltimore.

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