PR: Axceleon Releases EnFuzion 7.2, Delivering Ease-of-Use and Affordability
Posted by Jacob Webb (Monday March 03 2003 @ 04:47PM EST) [ ]
March 4, 2003 -- Sunnyvale, Calif. - Axceleon, leaders in computational grid software, today announced the release of EnFuzion 7.2. With continued support for mixed environments of Linux, Windows, and Unix based operating systems, EnFuzion 7.2 advances on several fronts, including ease-of-use and functionality.

Axceleon’s EnFuzion provides companies with a cost-effective, time-efficient way of automating computationally intensive calculations, such as electric network analysis, financial modeling, video production, and bioinformatics. EnFuzion automates parametric studies, where the same application is executed several times with multiple sets of input parameters. Parametric studies are labor intensive and subject to errors. With EnFuzion, users are able to reduce time consuming manual tasks, eliminate errors and deliver results faster.

EnFuzion utilizes all available computing hardware, including idle desktops, dedicated servers, rack mounted servers and blade servers.

"Our major goal is to create the most versatile and easy to use grid computing software," said Rok Sosic, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Axceleon. "We continue to optimize EnFuzion for use in parametric studies and what-if scenarios. EnFuzion’s ability to scale from small environments to large environments offers customers complete flexibility."

"Axceleon's focus on low turnaround latencies makes EnFuzion a great choice for customers that need to push massive numbers of small, iterative jobs through a compute cluster," said David Freund, Industry Analyst at Illuminata. "The product's policy-based prioritizing--and even pre- emption--of jobs affords flexible and efficient sharing of cluster resources among multiple workloads."

New EnFuzion 7.2 benefits include:

* Ease-of-use through web based graphical user interface,
* Increased network security through flexible network configuration options,
* Rapid deployment through streamlined installation,
* Simplified management of parametric studies through job automation.

"Axceleon continues to revolutionize the grid computing market by advancing its industry leading EnFuzion technology. EnFuzion 7.2 demonstrates our continued dedication to our clients needs," said Robert Graziotto, VP at Axceleon. "EnFuzion 7.2 offers a robust, secure and easy to use solution."

Pricing and Availability:

EnFuzion 7.2 is now available. To learn more about EnFuzion 7.2 please contact Axceleon at (408) 739-9000 or send email to

About Axceleon:

Axceleon is revolutionizing the high-performance grid computing market with its EnFuzion software. EnFuzion gives organizations the ability to automate applications and gain faster computing results with their existing heterogeneous hardware and software computing environments. Whether deployed on dedicated servers or idle desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion reduces application execution time and delivers a tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about EnFuzion visit

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