PR: Einux Announces First 64-Bit AMD Opteron Cluster Supercomputer
Tuesday March 11 2003 @ 07:57PM EST

Hannover, Germany 12 March 2003--Bang, bang AMD’s silver hammer came down on Intel’s head... At the CeBit IT trade show today, Einux announced the ClusterArray, the first 64-bit x86-compatible cluster supercomputer powered by AMD’s new 64-bit Opteron processor. The Cluster Array features Einux's DoubleRack high density technology with the ability to accommodate up to 176 AMD Opteron CPUs per 19" rack.

Scalable up to thousands of processors, the ClusterArray represents the next generation of supercomputing and is designed for high density server farm environments and/or high performance computing applications such as bioinformatics/genetic research, digital content creation, financial analysis, scientific and educational research, etc. The ClusterArray is being showcased in AMD’s booth at CeBit.

The ClusterArray CA170 consists of up to 88 individual server blades each featuring up to two AMD Opteron processors, with up to 16GB of DDR ECC memory, 300GB of IDE hard drive storage and dual Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces. “The ClusterArray represents the next level in supercomputing and harnesses the full power of the AMD Opteron processors while leveraging Einux’s DoubleRack high-density technology. With up to 176 AMD Opteron(tm) processors in a single rack, the ClusterArray delivers unprecedented density with Teraflop computing power,” said Rex Wong, President of Einux.

Powering the ClusterArray is the AMD 64-bit Opteron processor, the first 64-bit x86-compatible processor available today. With its x86-64 core, the AMD Opteron is backwards compatible to 32-bit applications while delivering 64-bit performance. “Einux’s ClusterArray leverages the power of the Opteron processor,” said an AMD spokesperson. “Working with Einux has allowed us to showcase the performance of Opteron processor in a dense cluster environment.”

Designed for cluster environments, the ClusterArray supports high-performance cluster interconnects such as Myrinet, Dolphin SCI, Quadrics, and InfiniBand and has been comprehensively tested and proven compatible with leading cluster software platforms such as Platform Active LSF, Scyld Beowulf, OSCAR, Lam MPI, MPICH, and others. The ClusterArray(tm) CA170 will begin shipping concurrently with AMD’s Opteron formal product launch on 22 April 2003.

Einux is a leading developer of high-density server, storage and networking solutions based in Milpitas, California, with offices worldwide and revenues of $300M USD in 2001. More info is at:

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