PR: MPI Software Technology Releases ChaMPIon/Pro™ 1.0
Wednesday April 02 2003 @ 04:37PM EST

ChaMPIon/Pro™ 1.0 released, MPI Software Technology, Inc.’s new MPI-2.1 product, offers all the functionality of MPI/Pro® plus MPI-2.1 standard capability.

April 2, 2003, Starkville, Mississippi- MPI Software Technology, Inc., the leading provider of high performance middleware products and related services, has announced the release of ChaMPIon/Pro™ for RedHat®

First Commercial MPI-2.1 product for Linux, Best Message Passing Interface Technology:

ChaMPIon/Pro™ is the first commercial MPI-2.1 version available for Linux. ChaMPIon/Pro is a robust, scalable, high-performance MPI-2.1 Implementation from MPI Software Technology, Inc. This implementation is to retain for the application the maximum amount of scalability possible, while also balancing performance criteria and resource utilization. ChaMPIon/Pro supports Gigabit Ethernet and SMP networks with Myrinet® and InfiniBand® support coming soon. It includes MercutIO™, our high performance portable MPI-IO implementation, currently supporting UFS, NFS, and PVFS. ChaMPIon/Pro one-sided communication is implemented directly on top of the low-level communication primitives in order to achieve the maximum performance. Dynamic Process Management and "Miscellaneous Chapter" MPI-2.1 features are also supported.

The product offers independent message progress in order to overlap computation, communication, and I/O. ChaMPIon/Pro supports both synchronous and asynchronous methods of completion notification. The implementation is thread safe and enables hybrid parallel models using message passing between cluster nodes and multi-threading for intra-node concurrency allowing for exploitation of multi-grained parallelism. Also, a variety of efficient algorithms for collective operations are provided to deliver high performance at massive scale. The implementation is highly tunable and customizable to user requirements.

Key Features:

- All the features of MPI/Pro, plus MPI-2.1
- Myrinet and InfiniBand networks (forthcoming)
- UFS, NFS, and PVFS High Performance Parallel I/O support
- High performance parallel I/O
- Overlapping of computation, communication, and I/O
- Dynamic Process Management (DPM)
- 1-sided (put/get) communication API
- Extended Collective Operations
- "Miscellaneous Chapter" MPI-2.1 Support
- Support for forthcoming PERUSE performance API
- Tested against industry leading compliance and performance suites

Pricing and Availability:

ChaMPIon/Pro is available for Redhat®. Linux 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0. To find out more about our products, visit our website at or contact sales at:

About MPI Software Technology, Inc.:

MPI Software Technology, Inc. (MSTI) is an award-winning, leading standards proponent and commercial developer of parallel programming environments and middleware for scalable computing, high performance embedded computing, and cluster computing.

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