c|net: IBM stretches grid business
Monday April 28 2003 @ 07:20AM EDT

IBM has expanded its effort to commercialize the formerly academic concept of grids, groups of computers and storage systems linked together to tackle difficult computing tasks.

IBM will announce Monday that it has sold grid systems to three major customers--RBC Insurance, Kansei Electric Power and Royal Dutch Shell--and is offering grid technology packages for four new types of customers. Big Blue also signed on several new software partners as well as Cisco Systems, which will provide switching equipment for grid data storage.

RBC Insurance is using a grid with Intel-based servers from IBM and Platform Computing software to improve a program involved with actuarial information--the statistics that determine risks and insurance rates. Kansei's grid integrates information stored across the electric company's different departments. And Royal Dutch Shell is using IBM's Intel-based servers and Globus software to process seismic data for oil and gas searches.

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