The Inquirer: 64-bit battle lines form
Monday May 12 2003 @ 08:36AM EDT

AMD IS NOW out with Opteron, IBM jas just updated the rest of their RISC line with Power4+ and Intel is closing on the Madison Itanium2 launch. How do the battlelines look for the remainder of this year, and early next year?

During 2003, barring any yield issues, Opteron may reach 2.4 GHz - further tuning of the initial 0.13-micron part should easily yield that speed, since it has longer pipelines than the 0.13 um Barton AthlonXP which is already well abover 2.2 GHz actual clock speed in the 3200+ PR rating. Further major speed-up will require the move to 0.09 um in 2004.

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