Grid Wars featured at ClusterWorld Conference & Expo
Posted by jim gutowski (Monday May 12 2003 @ 11:29AM EDT) [ ]
Engineered Intelligence Corporation (EI) announced that the next “GRID WARS parallel programming challenge, where competing programs written in CxC (“C by C”) fight for survival of the fittest in a grid of processors, will be held live at the ClusterWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose, June 23-26. HP is again sponsoring the Grid Wars challenge and is providing the computing platform and prizes for this event. With EI’s language for parallel programming, developers are asked to write battle programs and upload them into the GRID WARS™ battlefield, where they compete for prizes and industry recognition. Those interested in parallel programming – including scientists, engineers, programmers and students - can download the GRID WARS creation and training software from the web site, to easily create battle programs and compete. GRID WARS participants create their battle programs under Windows and the championship will take place on a LINUX-based cluster system, presented live at the ClusterWorld Conference and Expo.

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