Geant4 5.1 Patch01 available
Posted by Ken Farmer (Monday May 19 2003 @ 12:57PM EDT) [ ]
A correction patch "patch01" to be applied to release 5.1 of Geant4 is now available and can be downloaded from the GEANT4 web site ( following the link to Download.

The patch includes few bug fixes introduced since release 5.1 of last April. For a complete summary of the fixes, see the attached note.

To install the patch, just uncompress the archive "patch_geant4.5.1.p01" in your Geant4 installation area where the directory geant4.5.1 is placed, and recompile the kernel libraries. Alternatively, you can download the whole source tree including the patch ("geant4.5.1.p01" archive).

Precompiled binaries for the supported systems are available from the web site, as well.

Best Regards, Gabriele Cosmo
for the Geant4 Collaboration

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