c|net: Intel: Linux good for 32-chip server
Thursday June 05 2003 @ 08:49PM EDT

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-- Intel has found that a 32-processor Itanium server running Linux is rivaling Windows and Unix servers in database performance, a major accomplishment for the comparatively young operating system.

Intel has been testing how well Linux can handle large databases, a demanding task that requires a server to perform huge numbers of transactions. In laboratory tests, the company found that a Linux-based 32-processor Itanium server is nearing the ability to perform 600,000 transactions per minute, a score that puts it near today's most powerful Windows and Unix servers.

Sunil Saxena, Intel's principal engineer for the Linux operating system, described the result at the Enterprise Linux Forum here Thursday. "We're very close" to reaching the 600,000 transaction-per-minute level on a database server speed test called TPC-C.

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