PSSC Labs Reaches Milestone of 250 Linux-Based Clusters Delivered
Friday June 13 2003 @ 12:28AM EDT

PSSC Labs Reaches Milestone of 250 Linux-Based Clusters Delivered Beowulf Builders Create Custom Systems for Universities, Government Agencies and Private Corporations

LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2003 - PSSC Labs announced the completion and delivery of their 250th Linux-based Beowulf cluster. The company, which has built NASA's largest Intel/Linux cluster named Thunderhead, a 536-processor weather modeling system, continues to develop innovative supercomputing solutions for the world's most demanding research institutions and corporations.

As a long-term provider to the open source computing community, PSSC Labs clusters have been at the forefront of advanced supercomputing solutions.

"Clustering is now recognized as a less expensive and more reliable way to conduct research," asserts Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs Vice President. "Our clusters continue to provide scientists with the power they need at a fraction of the cost of traditional supercomputers."

PSSC Labs clusters are used in several diverse computing environments on important projects involving: computational fluid dynamics; quantum chemistry; oil and gas exploration; signal processing; genetic research; weather modeling; rendering farms and visualization walls.

Stated Peter Bucklin, Administrative Computing Manager at the University of California at Irvine, "You can not find a better computer company. PSSC is not like any other computer company I have dealt with. They are friendly, responsive and will exhaust all resources to find the answers to my questions. If that wasn't enough, their prices are extremely competitive compared to other vendors."

The company, which has extensive experience in building advanced supercomputing clusters has developed an optimal cluster software environment which is custom-configured for each end user's specific needs. The company's typical cluster installation includes: setup of the operating system including a custom kernel for performance optimization; message-passing and scientific software libraries; high performance compiler suites; custom scripts for node reboot; power off & file copy across the cluster; cluster monitoring utility and graphical user interface tools; security patches; remote installation/update of software across the network; batch scheduling system and processor temperature/fan monitoring utilities.

Additionally, PSSC Labs configures each cluster with an industry-unique DVD bootable recovery disk that provides a level of back up that is unparalleled by other vendors. Each cluster ships with a custom user manual with complete instructions on using, maintaining and upgrading the cluster.

"We're proud that word-of-mouth in the open source community has been responsible in building our business. We have a great group of customers and frequently, they are our best salespeople," said Lesser.

About PSSC Labs PSSC Labs provides high performance workstations, servers and Beowulf Supercomputing solutions to the world's most prestigious and demanding organizations. Since 1989, these organizations have relied upon PSSC Labs for solutions to their High Performance Computing and High Speed Interconnect needs. Each system is custom configured to our customers' specific requirements, be it scientific research, visualization, real-time simulations or financial modeling. PSSC's knowledge of hardware, LINUX software, cluster management tools and unsurpassed lifetime support ensure that PSSC Labs customers receive the best possible solution at the most competitive price. For complete details please call PSSC Labs at 949-380-7288 or visit .

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