DDT gets powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities
Wednesday June 18 2003 @ 02:32PM EDT

June 06, 2003 -- Streamline Computing today revealed version 1.3 of DDT, the Distributed Debugging Tool, with powerful new capabilities that set it apart from the competition. Major new features include support for SCore (v5.4.0+), 3D array visualization and support for queuing systems.

Users familiar with DDT for parallel codes will welcome the addition of the ability to debug non-MPI codes - such as Open-MP and sequential programs.

This latest release of DDT simplifies finding troublesome processes and extreme data with a unique cross-process comparison window. This feature examines and compares expressions and arrays across processes in a parallel job and reports statistics on data distribution and equivalence. With the grouping of like-valued processes together, developers can immediately spot outlying data. A graphical and statistical presentation of the retrieved values enables further analysis.

A 3D array visualization tool has been developed that gives an outstanding display of values that is fully manipulable and even has an option to view graphics in stereo with red-blue glasses.

In developing compatibility with queuing systems, such as Grid Engine, Load Leveller, OpenPBS and PBS Pro, DDT is now the debugger of choice for large shared clusters. The system enables users to submit jobs and view queues at the click of a button, bringing a consistency and simple environment that is unrivalled.

Evaluation copies are available from the Streamline Computing website for IA-32, AMD Opteron, Intel Itanium 2 and UltraSPARC architectures.

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