Promicro to Debut Advanced Linux Clusters and Serial ATA Storage Solutions
Thursday June 19 2003 @ 07:43PM EDT

- Promicro to Exhibit at Cluster World, Booth 518 in the San Jose Convention Center-

POWAY, Calif. - June 19, 2003 - Promicro, a leading provider of high performance computing solutions, will debut advanced Linux computing clusters and Serial ATA (SATA) storage solutions at ClusterWorld 2003. The new BioBrew cluster, developed in conjunction with cluster software provider Callident, is specially enhanced for bioinformaticists and life scientists. BioBrew is an open source Linux distribution that provides automated cluster construction, configuration, management and monitoring. BioBrew also contains popular bioinformatics software, including the NCBI toolkit, BLAST, MPI-BLAST, HMMER, ClustalW, GROMACS, WISE, and EMBOSS. The BioBrew cluster is available on standardized 32 and 64-bit platforms and offers advanced HPC support. Promicro will also demonstrate a LinuxBIOS cluster solution, which delivers faster boot times & system configurations. LinuxBIOS is highly manageable, reliable and secure, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Promicro will also introduce the ProStore SATA (Serial ATA) storage solution, which provides mass storage capacity for cluster data. The ProStore's patent-pending, high density design packs 36 SATA drives into a 4U chassis, and easily scales up to 9 terabytes. Additional features include hot-swappable hard drives, power supplies, dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, and RAID support for reliability and redundancy. The ProStore supports both Linux and Windows platforms.

Promicro offers fully customizable cluster deployments for HPC applications in bioinformatics, petroleum exploration, CAD, aerospace, digital content creation, and scientific visualization.

About Promicro

Promicro is a leading provider of high performance computing solutions for a wide range of markets, including enterprise, entertainment, life sciences, petrochemical, education and government. Specializing in Linux-based servers and clusters, Promicro delivers innovative technology and superior integration services with a focus on time-to-market and return-on-investment. The company is the winner of the IntelĀ® Premier Provider Award for Greatest Intel Server Sales and Growth in 2001. Other product offerings include the NetPC, storage systems, workstations, and KVM solutions. For more information, please visit the company's web site at .

About Callident

Callident is a team of Linux professionals dedicated to high performance computing on Linux clusters. Created to make Linux cluster technology easily accessible to the masses, Callident helps cluster users accelerate their experimentation, design, workflows, and time to market - regardless of the industry they are in. For more information on Callident products, support, and services, please visit the company's website at .

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