c|net: Dell server draws on Madison
Wednesday June 25 2003 @ 07:47PM EDT

Dell Computer is wading back into 64-bit computing waters with a new rack-mount server.

The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker on Wednesday said it would begin selling the PowerEdge 3250, a server based on the upcoming higher-performance "Madison" version of Intel's 64-bit Itanium 2 processor.

Dell at one time made a 64-bit server based on the first Itanium, but it chose to discontinue that product and skip to its successor, the "McKinley" chip, which became the first Itanium 2. The new PowerEdge 3250, first shown last April, is designed to use the Madison Itanium 2 in a 3-inch-high, rack-mount server designed for a specific application in high-performance computing clusters, the company said.

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