Aspen Systems’ New Glacier Dual Itanium 2 Rackmount Computer
Monday June 30 2003 @ 11:56AM EDT

Aspen Systems’ New Glacier Dual Itanium 2 Rackmount computer will support the Intel Itanium 2-based 2U rack-optimized form factor.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, June 30, 2003 Aspen Systems, Inc., a leader in the custom design, manufacture and service of a wide array of Linux®-based high-performance computing solutions, is proud to announce that in the coming weeks they will support the newly released Intel® SR870BH2 server platform with up to two Intel® Itanium® 2 processors with 6MB of level 3 cache at 1.50Ghz, in a 2U rack-optimized form factor.

Aspen Systems’ new Glacier Dual Itanium 2 Rackmount computer based on the SR870BH2 server platform is expected to ship during Q3 2003 and will support the Intel Itanium 2 processor, providing a 2-way platform and 64-bit processing power. The Glacier Dual Itanium 2-based Rackmount computer designed with the related Intel server platforms will be targeted at scientific and industry applications that demand performance, availability, and reliability.

“Not since the Alpha processor have we had a dual 64-bit processor system that delivers the floating point capabilities of the new Itanium 2 processor-based server platform SR870BH2,” stated Tom Leinberger, Vice President of Sales at Aspen Systems.

“Aspen Systems’ platform based on the Intel SR870BH2 server product and new Itanium 2 processor provides a powerful system that will help them meet the diverse needs of the high-performance technical computing (HPTC) market,” said Phil Brace, director of marketing, Intel Enterprise Platforms and Services Division.

For more information on Aspen Systems' new Glacier Dual Itanium 2-based Rackmount computer based on the Intel SR870BH2 server platform, visit the company's web site at or contact an Aspen Systems sales engineer toll free (US & Canada only) at 800-992-9242 or 303-431-4606.

About Aspen Systems

Aspen Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, has been serving the high-performance, technical computing community with expertise in custom computer hardware design, manufacturing and service for over 20 years. Their expertise includes a variety of high-performance technical computing disciplines with emphasis on serving the needs of advanced technical computing users and corporations that use the most demanding applications. Aspen Systems has built their reputation, as a leading provider of Beowulf clustering solutions by offering multiple configurations with a choice of processors and connectivity for specific performance needs. First class technical support and state-of-the-art products allows Aspen Systems to create and support the high-performance solutions that customers in the Weather Modeling, Financial Modeling, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Bio-tech, and Geophysics Research fields (among other compute-intensive parallel markets) demand. For more information about Aspen Systems, visit their website at .

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