Pogo Linux Named First MySQL Certified Hardware Partner
Tuesday July 08 2003 @ 12:53PM EDT

(Portland, OR – July 7, 2003) -- Two open source companies, Pogo Linux Inc., a Linux hardware vendor, and MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular open source database, announced today a partnership to build the first MySQL® database appliance, a pre-configured, fully-integrated hardware/software offering optimized for speed and value. The jointly developed database appliance, the DataWare 2600 Server, will be a turnkey solution that leverages the cost-savings, reliability and performance of MySQL’s leading open source database. Both companies are previewing the system at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) on July 9-10, in Portland, Oregon.

Pogo Linux is the first vendor to be named a “MySQL Certified Hardware Partner.” As a result of this alliance, MySQL AB and Pogo Linux will cooperate to develop and optimize the Pogo Linux appliance to run the MySQL database for maximum performance and ease of use.

“The Pogo Linux-MySQL database appliance will be a premium preconfigured server where every piece of hardware and software is tested and optimized for raw speed. It will raise the bar for value, ease of use and performance,” said David Axmark, MySQL AB co-founder. “Pogo Linux has a strong reputation for excellence in hardware development and customer service, and we are pleased to name them as the first MySQL Certified Hardware Partner.”

The DataWare 2600 will provide IT managers and developers an open source option for developing systems where throughput and performance are critical, such as for Web-hosting and at financial institutions. Because it is based on open source technologies, it will be available at a dramatically lower cost than proprietary database server appliances. The DataWare 2600 will arrive pre-configured so customers can get the box up and running in a fraction of the time it would take if they had to load and configure all the software themselves.

“We are pleased to partner with MySQL because it is one of the most widely used databases for high performance applications. This new database appliance will save companies millions of dollars versus using proprietary systems,” says Erik Logan, CTO of Pogo Linux. “This system is about performance and value”.

Availability and Support

The DataWare 2600 appliance will be launched at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, in San Francisco, Calif. on August 4-7. Customers will enjoy a jointly supported environment with Pogo Linux supporting the hardware and Linux Operating System. MySQL AB will provide support for the MySQL database.

About Pogo Linux Inc.

Founded in 1999, Pogo Linux, Inc. is a server vendor based in Redmond, Washington. With a Linux focus and in-house technical expertise, the company is dedicated to providing affordable, powerful, and reliable Linux-based servers, workstations, and storage solutions. For more information about Pogo Linux, please visit: http://www.pogolinux.com or call: 1 (888) 828-POGO (7646).

About MySQL AB

MySQL AB develops, markets and supports the MySQL database server, the world's most popular open source database. With an estimated 4 million installations and over 30,000 downloads per day, MySQL is quickly becoming the core of many high-volume, business-critical applications. Major corporations such as Yahoo!, Lucent Technologies, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, Motorola, NASA, HP and Xerox rely on the ultra-fast, highly reliable MySQL database. MySQL is available under the free software/open source GNU General Public License (GPL) or a non-GPL commercial license. For more information about MySQL, please go to http://www.mysql.com .

MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB in the U.S. and in other countries. Other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective corporations.

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