RackSaver’s HIVE Supports Oracle9i RAC Using DivergeNet’s InfiniBand Solutions
Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Tuesday July 08 2003 @ 03:40PM EDT) [ ]
SAN DIEGO, RackSaver®, the premiere provider of high-density individual rack-optimized servers, blade servers and supercomputing clusters today announced the integration of the Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) database product running over InfiniBand on the RackSaver HIVE Cluster.

The RackSaver HIVE (High-density, Interconnected, Vertically-cooled, Enterprise) Cluster houses up to 11 server blades with up to 22 processors and 176GB of memory that can accommodate a wide variety of options for configuring high-performance servers. The high-performance, high-bandwidth HIVE includes a DivergeNet MeshLink 16 port InfiniBand switch configuration and eight DivergeNet MeshLink 4X InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) adapters. The interconnect speed is 10Gbit/s (4X) and soon 30GBit/s (12X) will be released.

The integration of DivergeNet’s MeshLink InfiniBand products in the HIVE Cluster along with the porting of Oracle 9i RAC makes available to customers an Oracle 9i RAC turnkey solution.

“We are thrilled to be using DivergeNet’s MeshLink 4X InfiniBand HCA, switch cards, and subnet management software in the RackSaver HIVE Cluster,” said David Driggers, CEO of RackSaver. “The InfiniBand-based HIVE Cluster will speed the penetration of InfiniBand in the enterprise market.”

“We are excited that RackSaver has chosen DivergeNet as its InfiniBand Technology Partner for its HIVE Cluster,” said Shari Nolan, CEO and Founder of DivergeNet, Inc. “Earlier this year, RackSaver launched the HIVE Cluster targeting the enterprise database market. With the capability of InfiniBand interconnectivity, the HIVE Cluster will take advantage of the bandwidth gains and low latency for message passing.”


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