c|net: IBM Opteron server gets down to work
Wednesday July 30 2003 @ 03:16PM EDT

IBM's newest eServer, an Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron machine, will debut as part of a new computing cluster that will rank among the top ten high-performing computers in the world.

Big Blue, which officially launched its Opteron-based eServer 325 on Wednesday, said it would deliver 1,058 copies of the rack-mounted machine to Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology for use in a computing cluster. The cluster will aid in research on subjects such as biology and materials sciences.

Each of the 1,058 eServer 325 systems will be fitted with two AMD Opteron model 246 processors. The forthcoming Opteron 246 is a 2GHz version of the chip, designed for single- and dual-processor workstations and servers. The Opteron chip came out in April 2003.

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