CRI Ruggedizes SGI Systems to Meet Military's Specifications
Wednesday August 20 2003 @ 12:30PM EDT

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- SGI (NYSE:SGI) and CRI, a leading worldwide supplier of modified commercial off-the-shelf systems, today announced the availability of repackaged and ruggedized SGI(R) systems for use in harsh military environments including airborne, shipboard, ground mobile and fixed rackmount installations. CRI products include a wide range of repackaged and rugged SGI workstations, servers, storage, supercomputers, displays and compatible peripherals.

CRI, a division of RSI Inc. based in Austin, Texas, supplies the defense industry with ruggedized SGI systems that support the most demanding, mission-critical applications, including ballistic missile defense, command and control, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. CRI's ruggedization includes shock mount, rackmount, and high- or low-temperature modifications of SGI compute, visualization and storage systems used by the military to acquire, process, fuse and visualize mission-critical data.

"We offer a wide range of standard repackaged and rugged commercial off-the-shelf SGI products designed to operate reliably in demanding environments," said David Bosco, general manager, CRI. "SGI leading-edge workstations, servers, supercomputers, storage, displays and more have been carefully repackaged for rackmounting, mobility and transportability and ruggedized for high shock and vibration, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, extended temperature ranges, and more. Literally hundreds of rugged SGI systems have been deployed by the military worldwide, many are battle-tested in the Middle East and the number continues to grow."

CRI developed the ruggedized workstations and supercomputers for the Joint Tactical Air Ground Stations (JTAGS) systems, which play a vital role in theater missile defense. CRI performs all the modifications to the SGI(R) Onyx(R) systems that power the mobile satellite ground stations for the U.S. Air Force's Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS), America's next-generation ballistic missile early warning system. The Silicon Graphics(R) Onyx2(R) visualization systems used in the SBIRS mobile ground stations require modification to meet military requirements for form, fit and function.

These modifications are necessary to meet military requirements for accessibility and maintainability and real-time operations within a SBIRS mobile ground station, which can be deployed anywhere in the world. Because there is no rear access when the system is installed in the shelter, CRI integrated a unique swivel-mount mechanism to the ruggedized SGI Onyx system. This functionality allows quick access to the rear for maintenance without removing the system from the rack, thereby greatly reducing the mean time to repair.

"CRI is a critical partner for SGI's defense business by serving as an SGI authorized systems integrator for our military customers who require specific ruggedization and custom design services," said Tony Celeste, national director of defense and intelligence business, SGI. "As an authorized systems integrator, CRI provides to our customers a full line of standard and custom rugged SGI systems with warranties that are passed on to the customers intact. CRI repackages commercial off-the-shelf SGI systems at the board level to preserve the full functionality, performance, reliability and supportability of the SGI systems."

CRI provides custom design services to meet the military's environmental, power and physical requirements. For instance, CRI engineers developed a compact workstation to fit in the nose of a Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) -- the same kind that recently flew missions over Afghanistan and Iraq. CRI's repackaged workstation on the Predator UAV includes removable disk drives, a 28-volt power supply, protection against electromagnetic interference and environmental sealing.

In addition to rugged rackmount SGI Onyx graphics supercomputers, CRI offers a wide range of rugged, repackaged SGI systems including rackmount Silicon Graphics Fuel(TM), Silicon Graphics(R) Octane(R), Silicon Graphics(R) Octane2(TM) and Silicon Graphics(R) O2(R) workstations. SGI servers available from CRI include a rackmount SGI(R) Origin(R) 2000 server, rugged rackmounted SGI(R) Origin(R) 200 systems, rugged SGI(R) Origin(R) 300 servers and a transportable rackmount Origin 2000 system. On the storage side, CRI offers a rugged and repackaged version of the SGI(R) TP9500 RAID with controller module and disk arrays, as well as a repackaged and ruggedized version of the SGI(R) TP9100 RAID with single or dual controllers. The Silicon Graphics(R) F180 18-inch flat panel display is available in rugged rackmount form with a full range of options. The new 22-inch Silicon Graphics(R) F220 flat panel display is also available from CRI with or without the custom transit case.

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