Audi Deploys Linux Networx Cluster for Automotive Simulation
Monday September 08 2003 @ 11:41AM EDT

Audi Deploys Linux Networx Cluster System for Speedy Automotive Design Simulations Linux Networx Cluster System Speeds Simulation Time from Two Weeks to Two Days

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 8, 2003 - Linux Networx announced today that Audi is using a Linux Networx Evolocity® II (E2) MAGMASOFT® cluster to simulate components for the new Audi Space Frame® for future car models. The E2 MAGMASOFT system has helped speed simulations from two weeks to two days – a 10x improvement compared to the RISC-based system Audi was using previously.

The E2 MAGMASOFT cluster system combines MAGMASOFT®, a metal casting simulation and visualization software that provides a better understanding of mold filling, solidification and mechanical properties, with the computing power of a Linux Networx cluster for fast, accurate results. Linux Networx and MAGMA formed a strategic partnership to design the pre-integrated cluster system, offering customers a significant decrease in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation time.

“The highest priority for Audi when looking for a high performance computing solution is reliability, which has to be proven through rigorous benchmarking and documentation,” said Erich Blümcke, casting simulation specialist at Audi. “Linux Networx exceeded our expectations by not only providing an extremely reliable system, but providing a turnkey cluster system preloaded with MAGMASOFT. The fact that MAGMA decided to develop its future software on a Linux Networx cluster demonstrates the capabilities of this cluster in the engineering design market.”

To help Audi researchers gauge the effectiveness of a Linux Networx solution for their needs, Linux Networx ran one of the largest MAGMA datasets ever on a cluster system. The benchmark tests were performed at the Linux Networx German Solutions Center located at Fraunhofer-ITWM – the leading research institute for industrial mathematics in Europe.

Audi is able to achieve simulation results of the filling and solidification process for parts of the Audi Space Frame, a high-strength, low-weight aluminum frame built for greater safety and performance. Mechanical properties of the Audi Space Frame are then mapped onto a crash model for safety and strength assessment. Through this procedure, Audi is able to optimize the casting process to produce parts for future car models.

Linux clustering is a method of linking multiple computers together to form a unified and more powerful system. The Audi E2 MAGMASOFT system includes 34 Intel® Xeon™ processors, Clusterworx® software and the ICE Box™ appliance from Linux Networx for enhanced cluster management capabilities. Linux Networx built the world’s fastest Linux supercomputer, and third overall fastest supercomputer in the world (

About Linux Networx

Linux Networx ( brings its powerful and easy-to-manage cluster technology to those demanding high performance computing and high availability systems. Linux Networx provides proven solutions for organizations involved in biotechnology research, oil and gas exploration, aeronautical and chemical modeling, graphics rendering and visual effects, and other technological research fields. Through its innovative EvolocityTM hardware, ICE™ cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux Networx provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the fastest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers. In 2002, Linux Networx designed and delivered the world’s fastest Linux supercomputer.

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