IBM sets record 16 Way Opteron TPC-H Benchmarks
Wednesday September 17 2003 @ 04:42PM EDT

Here are recent performance results of IBM 16 Opteron server running DB2 64 bit and Suse Enterprise.

It has 48GB of memory, and smacked an Itanium and Alpha system around in performance. Facts 1st Linux database to publish industry standard DSS benchmark (TPC-H, 2001) 1st 64-bit Linux database to publish DSS benchmark (TPC-H, 2003) 1st database on Linux to publish OLTP application benchmark (SAP SD, 1999) Database with most industry standard benchmarks published on Linux Performance leader for 100GB TPC-H (clustered and non-clustered*) Performance leader for 300GB TPC-H (clustered and non-clustered*) Price/Performance leader for 100GB TPC-H (clustered*) Price/Performance leader for 300GB TPC-H (clustered*). Go here for complete reuslts.

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