MSC.Software Speeds Development Process, Faster and Safer Rally Cars at Mitsubishi Motor Sports
Wednesday September 24 2003 @ 12:59PM EDT

MSC.Software Corp., the leading global provider of virtual product development (VPD) tools including simulation software and services, today announced that Mitsubishi Motor Sports (MMSP), one of the top manufacturers of rally cars, has chosen MSC.Patran and MSC.Marc as their preferred tools for simulating complex mechanical systems and nonlinear contacts within their racecars. MMSP will use these two VPD software products to perform non-linear contact analysis of the components of the WR04 rally car including analysis of the main roll hoop, an important chassis component that protects drivers in the case of rollovers.

‘Rallying’ is a motor sport that takes place on a single surface (tarmac, gravel, etc) and is run in stages, where the driver/team with the fastest cumulative time is the winner. Popular in Europe, South America and Asia, rally cars are typically heavily modified versions of production cars, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer.

“We are very proud of our involvement in the various motor sports racing circuits, especially considering how far they are pushing the engineering envelope as they try and field the most optimized car for the racing conditions,” said Frank Perna, chairman and CEO, MSC.Software. “Because of the complex interactions they are simulating, like Rally Car rollovers and complex tire-terrain interactions, the manufacturers of these cars need to be sure that they meet both performance and safety requirements and the best way to do that is by utilizing MSC.Software VPD tools. The MSC.Software team looks forward to growing our partnerships with racing teams around the world and helping them field the cars best engineered for winning.”

“In the past, MMSP Ltd had no software capable of carrying out non-linear finite element analysis, said Mario Fornaris, Managing and Technical Director at MMSP, "With the introduction of a mandatory vertical roll hoop test this became an obvious problem. To recreate this test with CAE we needed a software package with an FEA solver suitable for both non-linear material and geometric effects. MSC.Patran and MSC.Marc turned out to be the solution. MSC.Software was also a strategic choice for us, perfectly fitting our company's philosophy to perform state of the art engineering. In future projects, we are also considering MSC.Patran and MSC.Marc to be used for the majority of calculations on the cars, as well as any FEA calculations concerned with chassis, engine, gearbox, and suspension. We are conscious of the fact that the performance of our cars is directly related to skills, methods and tools used by our development department.“

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