Replication Monitoring Center for DB2
Thursday October 02 2003 @ 12:42AM EDT

Replication Monitoring Center for DB2 is a software tool that supports DB2 replication supervision. It is used atop DB2 DataPropagator, the DB2 UDB data replication feature. The Replication Monitoring Center for DB2 is used to supervise replication scenarios, reporting configuration, and operational data to the user. The tool significantly reduces the time and cost for replication monitoring and operational administration. Replication Monitoring Center for DB2 provides the following features: collects operational replication and configuration data and presents it in structured views, supports alert monitoring. Problems are reported immediately when they rise up. Users are notified by e-mail, customized user exit routines, or the application alert window, supports tasks such as triggering a full refreshment for data replication; changing replication activation and timing; adding or removing replication events, supports different DB2 DataPropagator versions, also in parallel.

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