SuperComputingOnline: Interview with David Rich, director of High Performance Computing, AMD
Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Thursday November 20 2003 @ 10:54AM EST) [ ]
By Chris O'Neal -- Chip manufacturer AMD has broken into the supercomputing market with its Opteron processor. It is heavily involved in two of the most high-profile projects in recent months. The first will see around 2000 Opteron chips utilized by Chinese supercomputer-maker Dawning Information Industry. The Dawning 4000A will be a cluster of machines running a Chinese version of Linux and will aim for around 10 teraflops of computing power. The second supercomputing project AMD is involved in sees the chipmaker supplying the chips for a Cray system, Red Storm that is being built for the US Department of Energy. The supercomputer will contain around 10,000 Opteron chips and be capable of churning 40 trillion calculations per second (40 teraflops) when it becomes operational in 2004. AMD has a strong presence at the SC2003 show, so to learn more Supercomputing Online interviewed David Rich, director of High Performance Computing, AMD.

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