RLX Rolls Out Fully Configured Linux Cluster Solutions With Highly Integrated Management
Posted by Staff (Thursday January 22 2004 @ 05:24PM EST) [ ]
RLX Technologies today announced that it will provide fully integrated, built-to-order Linux cluster solutions for high performance compute environments. Each of these solutions come equipped with RLX's award winning Control Tower XT and HPC Cluster Manager solution providing customers with the most manageable and easiest to deploy Linux cluster solutions. The Linux-based HPC Cluster solutions are available in three configurations built on the RLX RackModule Servers (1U), RLX's HPC ServerBlades, and the RLX HPC ServerBlades with Infiniband. These new RLX HPC Cluster solutions include on- site integration service that handles racking, cabling, imaging, networking, and integrating the cluster with middleware like LSF(TM), MPI Pro(TM), OpenPBS or BLAST -- creating an "App-Ready" Linux cluster.

"With the new HPC Cluster solutions we now have the most integrated and quickly deployable cluster on the market," said Scott Farrand, Vice President of Systems Engineering at RLX Technologies. "By tightly integrating HPC Cluster Management and Control Tower XT with our partners job scheduling and cluster software we offer customers one stop shopping for a turnkey cluster."

All RLX HPC Cluster solutions include RLX servers, network infrastructure, RLX Control Tower XT & RLX HPC Cluster Manager. The RLX HPC Cluster management tools allow customers to easily configure, provision, and monitor and manage the performance of an entire Linux cluster in aggregate as well as the performance of individual nodes. This approach provides the most complete, flexible, and easily managed modular compute cluster solutions available in the industry today. RLX HPC Cluster solutions are ideal for large clusters designed to process sizeable amounts of data for Seismic, Research, and Design and Automation applications.

"We purchased the RLX RackModule cluster to power our on-demand supercomputer," said Edward Hawes, CEO of Virtual Compute Corporation. "The decision was easy. RLX has the best server management and cluster management software on the market; no one else even comes close. RLX also delivered the cluster to my site ready to go, allowing me to focus my resources on adding customers, not servers. To make our business successful we have to be able to dynamically provision and reprovision our clusters on the fly, and only RLX has this proven capability today. We expect our pool of modular servers to grow from 500 to over 25,000 in the next few years. Only RLX delivers a product that is ready to go on delivery, and all we have to do is power it up."

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