Etnus TotalView Honored with LinuxWorld Magazine's Readers' Choice Award
Wednesday February 04 2004 @ 09:50AM EST

February 3, 2004. Natick, MA Etnus, today announced that TotalView, the most advanced debugger for Linux and UNIX, has been honored with a Linux World Magazine Readers' Choice Award. The award recognizes the best tools, solutions, and education offerings in 14 categories. Winners were selected through reader-submitted nominations, followed by online voting, recognizing excellence in the offerings of the top Linux vendors in the market.

TotalView is an advanced 32- and 64-bit graphical debugger giving software engineers complete control over threaded and parallel applications written in C, C++ or Fortran. It simplifies debugging and analysis of applications, and features unrivaled support for code that uses multithreading, MPI and OpenMP. Advanced features such as heap allocation debugging, data analysis, and STLView for simplified viewing of standard template library code, provide welcome insights into complex code and dense data. With advanced features absent in other debuggers, TotalView is unrivaled in its ability to help find bugs fast.

"A respected and long-established debugger, TotalView is being recognized as an important part of the current Linux explosion, satisfying the hunger of developers for a class of tools serious enough to fully support the complexity and scale of the mission-critical codes they are developing," said Mary Kay Bunde, Director of Marketing Programs at Etnus.

About Etnus

Etnus is the world's leading provider of debugging and analysis solutions for complex code. Etnus products provide software engineers with the ability to visualize, control and correct complex applications running on a wide variety of platforms and using one to thousands of processors. They offer significant productivity gains in application development, helping to eliminate the frustration, delays, and headaches inherent in analyzing multi-process, multi-thread, and network-distributed applications containing many lines of code or advanced programming techniques such as MPI, threads, and OpenMP.

Etnus products are used in the development of applications in industries such as weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas exploration, CAD/CAM software development, automotive, aerospace, finance and telecommunications. Privately held, Etnus offers its expanding product line through worldwide resellers and direct sales.

For more information contact Etnus LLC at: 24 Prime Parkway, Natick, MA 01760; phone: 800-856-3766 (U.S.A.), 1-508-652-7700 (outside U.S.A.); fax: 508-652-7701; web: ; e-mail:

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