Linux Virtual Server Clusters
Wednesday February 04 2004 @ 09:46PM EST

Linux Magazine: With the explosive growth of the Internet and its increasingly important role in our daily lives, traffic on the Internet is increasing dramatically, more than doubling every year. However, as demand and traffic increases, more and more sites are challenged to keep up, literally, particularly during peak periods of activity. Downtime or even delays can be disastrous, forcing customers and profits to go elsewhere. The solution? Redundancy, redundancy, and redundancy. Use hardware and software to build highly-available and highly-scalable network services.

Started in 1998, the Linux Virtual Server (LVS) project combines multiple physical servers into one virtual server, eliminating single points of failure (SPOF). Built with off-the-shelf components, LVS is already in use in some of the highest-trafficked sites on the Web. Need 24x7 service? Try 7-11 for that gallon of milk. Try LVS for your machine room.

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