AMD boosts Opteron performance
Wednesday May 19 2004 @ 01:21AM EDT

cnet: Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday announced that it has amplified the performance of its Opteron processors for computer servers.

The chipmaker on Tuesday launched three new Opteron chips, models 250, 150 and 850, designed for servers with dual, single and four or more processors, respectively. Model 250 is available now, while the other chips will ship within 30 days, AMD said.

AMD designed the new 64-bit-capable chips to offer greater performance than its existing Opterons, which come in model numbers of up to 148, 248 and 848. Although AMD did not specify how it achieved the higher model numbers, it is likely that the company increased the clock speed of the chips to 2.4GHz. The top speed of existing Opteron models, such as the 248, is 2.2GHz.

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