HP ponders a less-glorious Itanium future
Monday June 28 2004 @ 01:57PM EDT

News.com: Hewlett-Packard's server group has major plans in store for servers using Intel's Itanium processor--but also believes the company will be fine even if the chip never escapes its current high-end niche.

Itanium is the foundation of HP's strategy to simplify its server portfolio: The company is moving three separate high-end server lines onto Itanium, and the Integrity product line will be able to run four operating systems. At the same time, it's expanded its lower-end ProLiant family from Intel's Xeon to include Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron as well.

The way server executives see it, HP's bets are hedged.

"We have decided that with the two-server strategy, ProLiant and Integrity, we're covered no matter what," said Rich Marcelo, general manager of HP's Business Critical Server group. "If we do nothing more than take our Unix customers and move forward with them (on Itanium), we're fine."

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