HSG Selects Scali Manage™ as One of the Best All Around Linux Cluster Management Solutions
Thursday September 09 2004 @ 06:49AM EDT

Oslo, Norway – September 02, 2004 – Scali, a leader in high performance clustering solutions, today announced that, in an independent study, Harvard Research Group (HRG) has selected Scali Manage™ as one of the best all around Linux cluster management solutions available today.

HRG, an information technology market research and consulting organisation, has published a report investigating high performance computing (HPC). It provides an overview of the market, an analysis of the position of HP and its LC Series for Linux clusters and an examination of the other key Linux cluster vendor offerings. As a strategic software partner of HP’s, Scali’s two products - Scali Manage and Scali MPI Connect™ - feature in the paper. Both are available with the HP High Performance Compute Cluster LC Series.

According to HRG, Linux clusters are revolutionising the industry. The Linux cluster market is undergoing rapid growth as the exceptional price/performance advantage that industry standard Linux clusters deliver is increasingly recognised by organisations. The introduction of industry standard platforms into this market by HP, IBM, and others heralds the increasingly commercial use of these systems that were previously used almost exclusively for technical applications. In its report, HRG highlights that cluster management is an important issue for businesses deploying Linux clusters and commends HP’s partnership with Scali to provide an independent, high performance Linux cluster management solution to its customers.

"HRG in an independent study recently selected Scali Manage as one of the best all around Linux cluster management solutions available today" - Robert Desautels President Harvard Research Group.

Mr. Desautels went on to say that "By offering Scali Manage for advanced cluster management, HP is ensuring its customers can benefit from one of the best management solutions on the market. The successful management and implementation of clusters will become increasingly important to achieving business goals as clusters grow in popularity, size and complexity. I continue to be impressed with the features of Scali’s cluster management and MPI software and strongly recommend that IT professionals consider it as part of their overall cluster solution."

Bjorn Skare, president and CEO, Scali commented: "HRG’s recognition of Scali Manage is strong affirmation of Scali’s leadership position and of our ability to lead the industry in innovation. Our software enables customers to more effectively leverage Linux clusters in both traditional HPC and commercial environments. Scali is committed to continually increasing customer and partner value by delivering industry standard solutions and increasing the commercial use of Linux cluster solutions."

Scali’s cluster management and MPI software is designed to reduce the complexity of running a mix of leading platforms and interconnects within a Linux cluster environment. August 16th 2004, Scali announced the 4.3 release of its cluster management, Scali Manage, and message passing interface, Scali MPI Connect™, software. The latest version includes support for enhanced scalability, new functionality and the ability for greater visibility into cluster/grid operations. The total solution provides increased customer value for large-scale Linux-clustering and grid computing with heterogeneous environments in demanding industries such as energy, defence, manufacturing and life sciences

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