Beowulf founder: Linux is ready for high-performance computing
Tuesday September 14 2004 @ 08:15PM EDT Beowulf is 10 years old this month and Donald Becker is a proud parent. Becker created Beowulf clustering while at NASA, providing a less costly but equally effective vehicle (PC clusters) for doing complex mathematical calculations. Previously, that task could only be run on supercomputers. Becker has been instrumental in helping that Linux-based high performance computing software grow up. He founded Scyld Computing in 1998 to redesign the Beowulf software and make it commercially usable. About a year ago, Scyld was acquired by hardware vendor Penguin Computing of San Francisco. Today, Becker is chief technology officer (CTO) of Penguin, which provides integrated hardware/software systems that offer scalable performance. In this interview, Becker discusses the legacy and future of Beowulf and Linux's place in the high-performance computing landscape.

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