Winchester Systems announces FlashDisk
Monday September 20 2004 @ 04:10PM EDT

Winchester Systems announces FlashDisk OpenRAID with fault-tolerant storage supporting up to 5 heterogeneous hosts sharing a storage pool of 4.8 terabytes.

The SC-4415 can be scaled to 9.6 terabytes of data and connect up to 3 hosts simply by adding a 3U rackmountable expansion shelf. With virtual "SAN-In-A-Box" capabilities, this storage solution is ideal for mission-critical applications requiring high availability without the cost and complexity of a Fibre Channel infrastructure.

Also available is a reliable, cost-effective single controller model that provides connectivity for up to 6 hosts or can be scaled to 14.4 terabytes simply by adding two expansion shelves.

Visit Winchester Systems or call them at 800-325-3700.

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