Appro Ships 500-node Linux HyperBlade Clusters
Thursday October 07 2004 @ 08:59PM EDT

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Appro helps to Drive Industry-wide Adoption of AMD Opteron™ processor-based Servers

SEG International Exposition - Denver, CO- 10/8/2004 - Appro (, a leading provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems today announced the shipment of seven Appro HyperBlade Linux clusters consisting of 500 nodes/1,000 AMD Opteron™ processors to Staag Imaging, L.P., ( a leading provider of high-quality imaging solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry, located in Houston, TX.

Appro will perform the solution integration of the seven Linux HyperBlade clusters with a Gigabit Ethernet Interconnect solution, 57.6 Terabytes of Appro AR3016 SAN storage subsystems, managed by Appro BladeDome Cluster Management software running Staag Imaging's compute-intensive applications.

The Appro HyperBlade clusters will help support Staag Imaging's new proprietary Reverse-Time Migration algorithm. These market-leading solutions provide the industry a new alternative in depth processing for maximizing imaging accuracy in existing datasets. Staag Imaging will present Reverse-Time Migration Imaging solution at SEG show in the Appro booth number 2411.

"Appro delivers high-performance and high-density Linux based cluster solutions that are easy to scale with excellent remote management capabilities," said Jim Haig, CEO of Staag Imaging, L.P. "The combination of Staag Imaging's new Reverse-Time Migration and the power of Appro's HyperBlade clusters provide the Oil and Gas industry the most advanced tool for solving complex imaging problems."

"We are excited to provide Staag Imaging with our cutting-edge HyperBlade AMD Opteron Cluster solutions. Appro delivers flexible, scalable, high-performance clusters with high-speed interconnect, direct attached or SAN storage options, centralized remote management packaged with outstanding solution integration and high-quality services," said Daniel Kim, president and CEO of Appro.

"The AMD Opteron processor is a great solution for seismic research and development companies," said Ben Williams, vice president for enterprise and server/workstation business at AMD. "The reduced memory latency and increased data throughput enabled by the AMD Opteron processor's Direct Connect Architecture provide industry-leading 32- and 64-bit performance. Companies in the Oil and Gas industry have an opportunity to accelerate their computing capability with AMD64 technology and Appro's Cluster Solutions, which help reduce the complexity and cost of developing, managing, and maintaining HPC systems."

About Appro
Appro's headquarters is in Milpitas, CA. Appro has an R&D and manufacturing center in Asia and a sales and service office in Houston, Texas. APPRO enables a variety of network computing applications by developing powerful, scalable, and reliable clusters, servers, storage subsystems and high-end workstations for the high-performance computing (HPC), Internet computing and cluster market.

About Staag Imaging, L.P.
Staag Imaging's headquarters is in Houston, TX. Staag combines its vast knowledge in 3D seismic imaging, proprietary algorithms and Linux cluster technology, to help companies maximize their investment and minimize risk as they explore for new oil and gas reservoirs. In addition, Staag Imaging Research and Development team is continually optimizing their workflows and processes to meet the changing needs of their clients.

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