OptimaNumerics Releases OptimaNumerics Libraries 3.0
Wednesday November 10 2004 @ 07:20PM EST

OptimaNumerics, leader in innovative high performance technical and scientific computing software, today released OptimaNumerics Libraries 3.0, providing customers with new improved high efficiency numerical tools to maximize performance and make high performance more affordable to a broader range of scientific and technical computing users. OptimaNumerics is a Qubis Ltd backed company.

With benchmark results showing 6x faster than the closest competitor on SGI Altix with ItaniumII processors, 2x faster on IBM eServer BladeCenter JS20 with PowerPC970 processors and up to 50x faster on Xeon EM64T processors, OptimaNumerics Libraries maintains the leading position as the fastest numerical tools available.

OptimaNumerics Libraries 3.0 is available for Intel Xeon, Xeon EM64T and ItaniumII processor, IBM POWER and PowerPC processors, AMD Opteron and Sun UltraSPARC processors.

Dr Kenneth Tan, the Chief Executive Officer of OptimaNumerics said, "OptimaNumerics' consistently superior performance on these wide variety of processors, enable our customers to maximize their hardware investments utilization and complete their computations faster and more cost effectively. The innovative, fully portable and reliable technologies in OptimaNumerics Libraries, ensure that our customers can depend on OptimaNumerics' proven support for their current and future computing hardware."

For more information, contact: sales@OptimaNumerics.com, or visit http://www.OptimaNumerics.com.

About OptimaNumerics Libraries
OptimaNumerics Libraries, with linear algebra, parallel linear algebra and parallel random number generators modules, provide high performance versions of LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, PETSc, SPRNG and PLFG libraries.

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